Safe, fast & precise even at large lift heights!

Active load stabilisation and an integrated ergonomic concept increase the productivity of STILL's FM-X reach truck.

Outstanding cost-effectiveness, the highest quality with advanced technology and ergonomics are the attributes of STILL's completely redesigned FM-X model series with load capacities of 1.0t to 2.5t. Due to the active load stabilisation of the mast, a residual load-bearing capacity of 1000kg at a lift height of 13 metres, high driving and lifting speeds combined with longer battery operating time (thanks to energy-saving LED headlights) and energy recovery during braking, enable the FM-X to give optimum performance in any warehouse. With its compact dimensions, the reach truck is the right choice both in a block warehouse and in a shelf aisle, for goods provision and disposal or for transport over long distances, including combined indoor and outdoor use.

Mast vibrations, especially at large lift heights and working speeds are a time-consuming nuisance for forklift drivers and operators because it is impossible to pick up or put down any loads until the mast has stopped swinging. This reduces the user's possible productivity. Christian Baerwolff – Head of Product Management at STILL, says “With the active load stabilisation on the new FM-X, waiting times can be reduced by up to 80%, because an automatic balancing pulse quickly and effectively stops the vibrations that occur at large heights.” This enables the innovative module to handle loads on the shelf efficiently but safely at the same time. While other reach trucks are still waiting for the mast vibrations to subside, the FM-X can already handle the next goods transport. At medium lift heights and while driving, the OPTISPEED driver assistance system automatically adapts the truck’s movements to the weight of the load being transported, thus also enabling faster goods handling at floor level. Moreover, the use of the very latest proportional valve technology also ensures sensitive operation and continuously variable control.

Thanks to the improved stiffness of the lifting mechanism and the newly developed mast, the FM-X now has no problems lifting loads of up to 1000kg to a maximum lift height of 13m, thus giving the operator optimum utilisation of his storage space. The model range has a total of six different load capacity classes – from 1.0t to 2.5t. All the trucks except the 2.5t model are also available in a narrow version for use in a block-type warehouse or drive-in rack. In addition the FM-X in the 1.4t, 1.7t and 2.0t versions is also available with super-elastic tyres and more ground clearance for combined indoor and outdoor use.

The 48V 3-phase drive enables powerful acceleration combined with high driving speeds of up to 14km/h and lifting speeds of up to 0.5m/s. All the drives for the propulsion, lifting and steering functions are fully encapsulated and thus have optimum protection against environmental effects such as dust, dirt and moisture. To allow every truck to have optimum equipment for the respective use, STILL offers a selection of different battery capacities from 360 to 930Ah. As a result of the energy recovery and storage during braking, energy saving LED headlights and the opportunity through the Blue-Q efficiency mode (to gain an energy saving of up to 10% at the push of a button without sacrificing performance) and multi-shift deployments are also possible with a single battery charge. However, STILL also demonstrates environmental responsibility and the conservation of resources by the almost complete recyclability of all the materials used.

STILL has improved the quick, safe entry and exit from the truck by providing an enlarged low step and wide handrail. An integrated ergonomic concept with a roomy driving position, adjustable controls and generous leg room ensure relaxed, comfortable and safe working during the whole shift. For example the steering wheel height is now also adjustable. A cushioned driving seat considerably reduces shocks due to uneven floors/ground, thus protecting the driver's back. Use of the proportional seat and footplate adjustment also allows the seat to be adapted individually to the ergonomic and optimum position for different drivers. The ergonomically inclined seat enables the driver to see upwards or past the goods in a way that is kind to the neck and thus relaxing. At the same time he/she can use the ergonomically designed joystick to carry out all the hydraulic functions easily and efficiently without needing to change his/her grip. A display gives a simple overview of comprehensive information about readiness for operation, speed, driving programs, battery discharge state or even the weight being lifted. STILL's standardised operating concept and intuitive user guidance reduces driver training costs and simplifies their transfer to other STILL machines.

The mast's sideways movement function and the asymmetrically positioned free lift cylinders allow good visibility of the goods without any interfering hydraulic pipework on the fork carrier. The optional lift height pre-selection or use of a camera system on the forks give the driver additional help to position the forks accurately, thus simplifying goods placement and retrieval procedures. The fully electric 360° steering allows the FM-X to be positioned easily and sensitively, even with heavy loads of up to 2.5t. The constant “9 o'clock position” of the steering wheel when driving straight ahead assists safe straight line movement even at top speeds.

To make the FM-X even more robust to withstand tough everyday use, a sheet metal cladding protects the chassis in areas where there is a collision risk. The steering angle dependent speed regulation when cornering (Curve Speed Control) together with access control via data card, RFID chip or PIN are customisable according to individual needs which also ensures greater safety and security. This solution, which is offered in the form of STILL FleetManager 4.x also allows different user entitlements and speed limits thus enabling an in depth assessment and analysis to be carried out.

The new FM-X is designed to increase goods handling performance and to reduce the expenditure of time and cost. The success of this is confirmed by being honoured with the 'Red Dot Award' 2014. The jury praised the product design with its improved visibility and intuitive operation, together with its active load stabilisation to enable considerably faster storage placement and retrieval processes. They said that in conjunction with the reach truck's large residual load capacities and smaller working aisle widths, the machine was perfectly suited to optimise the warehouse storage density.


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