Industry Leading Electric Equipment

Are you looking to make your warehouse eco-friendly and save money?

Recent developments in electrical equipment and forklifts make them the ideal solution for the future of UK warehouse logistics.

Here at Rack-n-Stack, we love to be at the forefront of latest technology, and we’re proud to offer you a wide range of industry-leading electric equipment.

Take a look at the industry’s first all-electric scissor lift from JLG.

Designed for environmentally sensitive sites, the Da Vinci scissor lift eliminates carbon emissions and redefines your productivity with zero hydraulics, leaks, or battery replacements, and as a result, zero wasted time!

The lift rises to 19 feet, has a drive speed of 4mph, a platform capacity of 606 pounds and can be fully charged in 3 ½ hours!

We’re also a Still partner, supplying a great range of their latest electric forklifts to suit your needs.

The brand new RX 60-35/50 is Still’s latest electric forklift, offering efficient performance, exceptional interaction and long battery life. Lifting, accelerating and moving in top time, it can handle any challenge!

Find out more in Still’s informative video.

Call us today to find the perfect electric solution for your business.

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